Martin has broadcast short stories on local radio in the UK and has published stories in Bento Box, Literary Yard, The Metric, Psychopomp, Sein und Werden, Storyboard, Street Cake and Winamop magazines. His story "Cupid's Last Strike" was also published in the anthology "Allusions of Innocence" by Solarwyrm Press in 2014.

You can find Martin's short stories on the sites below.

Bento Box:

"Superman's Revenge" in Issue 10 (2013), "The Makomatic" in Issue 11 (2013)

Literary Yard:

"Camera Wars" (November 2018), "Climbing Mount Everest" (June 2020)

The Metric:

"Friday Evening Visits" in Issue 6 (Jul 2013)


"The Voices" in Volume 1 (Sep 2012), "The Halloween Heist" in Halloween Special (Oct 2012), "Hamleys" in Christmas Special (Dec 2012), "A Beautiful Day" in Volume 2 (Jan 2013), "Fishman" in Volume 3 (Apr 2013), "The Friday Evening Visits" in Volume 4 (Jul 2013, "The First Punk" in Psychopunk Special (Sep 2013)

Sein und Werden:

"Now We Are Ten" (December 2014)

Storyboard Magazine:

"The Individualist" (November 2014), "Free Rein" (October 2015), "The Return" (June 2016)

Street Cake:

"We'll Get Through This" in Issue 33 (Jan 2014)


"C is for Cromer" (November 2014), "Fortune" (October 2016), "Welcome to Bulgaria" (December 2016), "The Happiness Retreat" (March 2017), "Braintease" (September 2017), "The App" (November 2017), "Human for Christmas" (December 2018), "Hong Kong Paradise" (January 2020), "Alexa's Test Run" (March 2020), "Radio Havana" (April 2020), "Mindfully Burning" (July 2020), "The Bush People" (September 2020), "The Crossing" (September 2022)